Recruitment! (1/1/2015)



Well greetings again folks! Don’t worry, these will finally start coming back up with incredible frequency as we kill through everything!

Interested in joining the Legends of Tristram? As of 1/1/2015, we are looking for;

Mages (any spec)

Priests (Shadow)

Warlocks (any spec)

Druids (balance)


Basically, anything that’s ranged that’s not a hunter. However, we’re always looking for more skilled fellows to join the crew, so if you are NOT one of these specs/classes, but are still interested, please get in contact with either myself (Demonkja), Cizin (aka Shemanigans), or Jassykins. If none of us three are online at that moment, feel free to /who “Legends of Tristram” and let one someone know you’re interested and I’m sure they’ll let us known. Alternatively, you can send an in-game mail to Demonkja.

Have a great one!